OT Potential Club Review

My OT Potential Club Review (with Promo Code)

This year, I’ve decided to dive back into patient care after several years out as a stay at home parent. I quickly realized that I really needed an OT refresher.

Although I’ve been maintaining the My OT Spot blog part time, I haven’t been keeping as up to date on the most current OT research and evidence as I would like. Because of this, I recently joined the OT Potential Club to see what’s going on in the OT world and I am already a big fan.

Keeping up to date on current OT evidence is tough, whether we’re out of the field or working as an OT or COTA (we are all busy!).

That’s why I am so excited to share my OT Potential Club review – an awesome platform if you too want learn about the current research AND earn AOTA-approved CEUs. 

If you aren’t yet familiar with the OT Potential Club, here is everything you need to know about what it includes and how it compares to other CEU platforms. I want to note that the Club is not just an option for CEUs, it includes so much more that I’ll be going into below. 

What is the OT Potential Club?

The OT Potential Club is an OT-created and operated membership community tailored towards the latest occupational therapy related research with accessible research-oriented podcasts and videos that also earn CEUs. It was created by Sarah Lyon, OTR/L as a way for OTPs to stay up to date in current research while also being able to connect with OTs all over the world. There are currently OT practitioners from 44 countries in the Club!

Sarah’s goal for starting the OT Potential platform is to “Help you create evidence-based change, by helping to identity new and important OT research that will help you provide the best care possible to your clients.”  

Sarah reviews new and important research that includes OT, and then creates a one-hour podcast episode, which includes an expert guest to explain the findings and how it relates to everyday OT practice. Each episode is well-structured, with the first 10 minutes of the episode breaking down the new evidence and the rest of the episode discussing practice implications.

OT Potential Club

Listening to, or watching, these one hour episodes not only helps you to learn about the current research, but also provides you with AOTA-approved CEUs (once you take a short quiz following the episode). Documentation examples related to the topics are also included which I personally find extremely valuable as documentation has always been a stressor for me. 

According to an often-cited study, the average length of healthcare evidence takes 17 years (!) to emerge into clinical practice, using this platform is a fantastic way to help us make research-backed intervention choices in a much timelier manner, as new and important research is always coming out. 

What Does the OT Potential Club Include and What’s the Cost?

There are three tiers to the OT Potential Club

Tier One ($99/year): OTP Club Total Access (with CEUs)

  • 81 AOTA-approved OT CEU Courses
  • 173 Journal Article Reviews
  • 46 Documentation Examples
  • OT Near Me Directory (get listed and post jobs)
  • Assessment Search
  • Capstone Catalog
  • Weekly $100 drawings for article commenting

Tier Two ($39/year): OTP Club Lite 

  • No CEU certificates but does include access to them for learning
  • 173 Journal Article Reviews
  • 46 Documentation Examples
  • OT Near Me Directory (get listed and post jobs)
  • Assessment Search
  • Capstone Catalog
  • Weekly $100 drawings for article commenting

This is a great low cost option for students and anyone who doesn’t need CEUs for licensure.

Tier Three ($19/year): OT Directory

  • List Yourself/Your Practice on the OT Directory
  • Get found online by clients or job seekers (depending on your needs)
  • Connect with fellow OT/OTA professionals

OT Potential Club Options

With all three membership options, you can cancel any time. 

If you want to try the OT Potential Club without committing, you can first take two free CEUs (on OT and ADHD and OT and AI) and have a free 5 day access pass to see if the platform is a good fit for you here.

If you want to subscribe, join here and use the OT Potential Club promo code MYOTSPOT to get 15% off your yearly subscription.

Please note: I am an affiliate of OT Potential Club which means I receive a small commission of sales at no additional cost to you. Proceeds go directly back into My OT Spot operating costs. I only recommend products that I personally use and love.

How Does the Price Compare to Other OT CEU Providers?

With occupational therapy CEU platforms increasing in price the past few years, at $99 a year (this is without a promo code), the OT Potential Club is still the lowest cost CEU platform that I price-compared. With the promo code MYOTSPOT, it’s even less expensive, at ~$85/year. Other comparable online platforms (such as Occupationaltherapy.com, MedBridge, and Summit) range between $129 per year to $270 per year for online-only course access.

I also love that the OT Potential Club is the only one of these CEU platforms that is occupational therapist-owned and operated. Along with current research and informative CEUs, it also includes a large community of OTs that you can connect with in the article discussions and OT directory.

Another fun feature that no other CEU platform offers is the weekly option to be entered to win $100 for reading and commenting on a current article’s discussion board. If you win the drawing, you’ve covered a whole year’s membership while learning something new!

OT Potential $100 drawing

Looking for an OT Potential Promo Code?

After using the OT Potential platform myself, I am excited to offer you an exclusive discount of 15% off with OT Potential promo code MYOTSPOT as mentioned above. This promo code will give you 15% off of the $99/year option. This will renew at the discounted rate every year that your subscription is active. 

What OT Settings is the OT Potential Club For?

I would honestly recommend the OT Potential Club to OT practitioners in any setting, from peds to older adults. Regardless of your setting/specialty, the OT Potential Club very likely will have journal articles that are relevant to your line of OT.

It’s tailored to essentially all OT settings and specialties. The types of OT listed include pediatrics, adult rehab, acute care, subacute (SNF) rehab, home health, early intervention, mental health outpatient, and school-based OT. There is also content related to ethics which is applicable to any setting. 

I really like that the one hour courses are available as either podcast episodes for on-the-go learning or as videos if you prefer to sit down and watch. These are available on Apple and Spotify as well as YouTube for video format.

Will OT Potential CEUs Count Towards My License Renewal?

Yes! At the time of publishing, the OT Potential Club’s courses are all AOTA-approved and meet the requirements for NBCOT PDUs and online CEUs in all 50 states. Your results are also reported to CE Broker every 24 hours.

These CEUs will count towards online education only. If your state requires some in-person learning, you will have to complete this separately. 

Commonly Asked Question: Is OT Potential Legit?

This question appears in frequently asked search questions, so I wanted to say that YES… OT Potential is legit! The founder, Sarah Lyon, OTR/L is an occupational therapist who is truly passionate about sharing evidence-based information to OT practitioners around the world. 

Sarah graduated from New York University’s Master’s in Occupational Therapy and has worked in critical access hospitals, an acute trauma hospital, and at an inpatient psychiatric hospital, and has been working on her OT website since 2011. 

As someone who has known of and followed her original website (OTPotential.com) for almost a decade now, I personally feel she is one of the best OT content creators out there. As an OT website owner myself, I’m always inspired by her hard work, passion and dedication that she puts into our field. You could certainly say I’m a big fan 🙂

All this being said, Sarah absolutely knows her stuff when it comes to OT and research, and her love of OT has always been evident. 

As a current user I personally rate the OT Potential Club 5/5. Want to see other OT Potential Club reviews and ratings before making a decision? At the time of publishing, the OT Potential Club is highly rated with 4.8 stars out of 2,440 course reviews on the platform. It also has received 5/5 stars on both Google and on Trustindex


If you’re ready to dive in, visit the OT Potential Club sign up page here and enter the promo code MYOTSPOT for a recurring 15% off your full membership. 

I hope this helps give you a good run-down about this excellent OT research and CEU platform and helps you to determine if it’s right for you.

As a user myself, I can personally vouch for the extremely high quality content that the Club releases every two weeks, along with the treasure trove of additional resources that are provided.

If you want to learn more or have any further questions about the OT Potential Club, you can reach out to Sarah and her team directly at hello@otpotential.com

If you have experience with this platform and want to share your thoughts and experiences as a user, let us know about it in the comments below!


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