medbridge review and promo code

MedBridge Review and Promo Code: Everything You Need to Know

MedBridge online continuing education has become one of the most powerful and widely used resources in the healthcare industry, all in under 10 years. The company is consistently creating some of the most high-quality educational content the healthcare industry has ever seen, and they’re actively working towards their mission of improving the lives of patients and caregivers.

But what exactly is MedBridge? Who is it for? What are all the components of the platform? What plans are available? How much does it cost? And what makes MedBridge so great?

This article exists to answer all these questions by diving into the nitty gritty details of what MedBridge is, what the platform offers subscribers, and why it is an amazing tool for practitioners, patients, and organizations.

There is a lot of information on this page, but it is organized in such a way that makes it easy to navigate. The Table of Contents links to each section so you can easily jump ahead to the topics that interest you most.

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Table of Contents

About MedBridge Inc.
An overview of the MedBridge Education Platform
10 Components of the MedBridge Platform

         1. Continuing Education
         2. Live Webinars
         3. Certification Test Prep Programs
         4. MedBridge Certificates
         5. Compliance Training
         6. Reference Library
         7. Clinician Mobile App
         8. Home Exercise Program Builder (Premium)
         9. Patient Education (Premium)
       10. MedBridge Go App for Patients (Premium)

MedBridge Reviews and Case Studies
How Much Does MedBridge Cost?
My Personal Opinion of MedBridge
Why Are There So Many Different MedBridge Promo Codes?

About the Company: MedBridge Inc.

medbridge team seattle2

It’s not essential to know the history of MedBridge to understand how their platform works, but it’s fascinating nonetheless!

The company was initially started in 2011 by Justin Kowalchuk as a Physical Therapy resource – OT, SLP, athletic trainer, and nursing content came later. All the content was geared towards PT education, and there wasn’t any patient-oriented content yet.

In 2013, the company started adding all their patient engagement content and they first got an official studio in September 2014. Then came the mobile app in late 2015 which has become a huge part of driving engagement since, as we all know, people are always on their phones!

A major upgrade for MedBridge’s enterprise clients came in September 2016 when EMR integration was introduced. One year later, MedBridge obtained HITRUST CSF® Certification, which means that they are 100% compliant with healthcare regulations for documentation and data management. It was around this same time that MedBridge also added their 1,000th course to the library of content (which includes nursing content as of March 2018).

Based in Seattle, MedBridge is a fast-growing company with over 150 employees. In fact, it’s been growing so fast that it was named on Inc.’s list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2021.

All of this growth is no surprise when you see how quickly their platform is being adopted by industry professionals. According to the MedBridge website, their current accomplishments include 2,500 organizations and 250,000 subscribers with over 2,000 CEU courses filmed as of 2023.

All these users have generated an astonishing 37.5 million home exercise programs for patients thanks to MedBridge’s library of over 8,000 exercise and patient education videos.

medbridge accolades

The talented MedBridge team is continually growing and always adding new high-quality courses and content. MedBridge is an impressively well-run organization that is a rare blend of healthcare industry expertise and technological capability.

With their extensive platform and commitment to improving clinician and patient lives, the products and services MedBridge offers is unmatched in the industry.

An Overview of the MedBridge Platform

medbridge platform overview3

So far, we’ve introduced the company MedBridge, Inc. and have mentioned the platform and all its great educational content. But what exactly is the MedBridge platform?

In short, MedBridge’s core offering is a vast online library of educational video content. This includes more than 2,000 continuing education courses for clinicians and more than 8,000 instructional exercise and education videos for patients.

What’s so great about the patient-oriented videos is that clinicians can select the exact exercises their patients need to do for their home exercise program. Clinicians can then provide the list of exercises to the patient in printed or digital formats. All the video content is available online and on the apps with a subscription (there are separate apps for clinicians and patients).

These are the two biggest components of a paid MedBridge subscription, but users also get access to live webinars, industry certification prep programs, MedBridge’s own certificate programs, orthopedic exam test reference, a manual therapy technique library, hundreds of non-accredited courses, compliance training, and the patient-oriented app called MedBridge GO.

For organizations, there are even more tools available: a more robust compliance training system, the Learning Management System for general staff training, EMR integration, a patient feedback system, and outcomes-based tracking and reporting.

In this post, we will focus on the individual MedBridge offering and not on the Enterprise offering.

Since MedBridge has so many different components available on their platform, they offer three subscription levels to match user’s needs:

1. Education

The Education plan is designed for clinicians that mainly want to complete CEUs, obtain certifications, and have access to the reference materials.

2. Premium

The Premium plan is for clinicians that want everything in the education plan, but also want to be able to build home exercise programs for their patients and provide them with education videos.

3. Enterprise

Enterprise is for larger therapy organizations that want everything the Premium plan has to offer plus additional control over customization, branding, patient feedback systems, tracking of patient outcomes, and ongoing training for their staff.

This table shows what each of the three MedBridge subscription plans include.

MedBridge Features Education
Continuing Education Videos (2,000+ courses)
Live Webinars (typically 3-5 per month)
Certification Test Prep Programs (7 programs)
MedBridge Certificates (32 certificates)
Compliance Training (80+ courses)
Orthopedic Exam Test Reference (400+ tests)
Manual Therapy Technique Library (120+ techniques)  
Clinician Mobile App (Apple & Android)
Home Exercise Program Builder (6,500+ exercise videos)  
Patient Education Videos (500+ education videos)  
MedBridge Go App for Patients (Apple & Android)  
MedBridge Go App Custom Branding    
Learning Management System    
Patient Relationship Marketing    
Patient Satisfaction (Net Promoter Score ®)    
Outcomes Tracking and Reporting Dashboards    
License Rotations    
EMR Integration    

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Which MedBridge Plan is the Most Popular?

Most clinicians choose the MedBridge Premium plan since the HEP Builder is such a great resource for your patients as well, especially if you’re a therapist working in an outpatient setting, and the Enterprise package isn’t really suited for individuals. Many clinicians enjoy having the vast library of exercise videos for their own reference, even if they aren’t building home exercise programs for patients very often. For pricing information, see the section about how much MedBridge costs.

10 Components of the MedBridge Platform

10 components to medbridge2

From here, we’ll walk you through each of the 10 components of MedBridge in detail so you understand everything a subscription has to offer before you pull the trigger.

The first 8 components listed are available with the Education subscription, the lowest cost subscription. The last 3 components – the home exercise builder, patient education videos, and the patient app – are all available with the upgraded Premium subscription.

1. MedBridge Continuing Education

CEU courses2

Continuing education is perhaps the most popular reason healthcare professionals are turning to MedBridge. The continuing education component of MedBridge allows you to “complete your mandatory continuing education on your own time.”

The courses are all extremely high quality, engaging, and they are taught by some of the most well-known professionals in each discipline. There are pre-recorded courses (which can be accessed online) as well as live webinars hosted every month (more on this in the next section).

MedBridge Continuing Education Course Catalog

Key aspects of the continuing education component:

  • 2,000+ pre-recorded accredited courses (pause, rewind, and save progress)
  • Courses available for all skill levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced
  • Detailed outlines for previewing the course before taking it
  • Course topics cover a wide variety of disciplines, specialties, evidence-based evaluations, and interventions
  • Courses include patient demonstrations, case studies, 3D models, motion graphics, and downloadable handouts to keep you engaged
  • Each course gives you the ability to ask the instructors questions directly
  • Courses include case-based quizzes that provide clinical reasoning behind every answer
  • 50+ new courses are added monthly

There are so many interesting courses and lectures that you might find yourself watching courses for your own personal interest and development. The CEU dashboard is also very easy to use, allowing you to view in-progress courses as well as bookmarked and completed courses. See an example here:

ceu dashboard2

Who are the MedBridge Instructors?

As mentioned, the courses are all taught by some of the most knowledgeable and successful professionals from each discipline. MedBridge has a list of all 600+ instructors on this page: MedBridge Instructors List

Physical Therapist Instructors Featured by MedBridge
physical therapist instructors3

Occupational Therapist Instructors Featured by MedBridge

occupational therapist instructors

Speech-language Pathologist Instructors Featured by MedBridge

slp instructors

The instructors hold a wide range of designations and certifications. Around 200 instructors hold professional designations in physical therapy, 70 in occupational therapy, and 90 in speech language pathology (as of 2020). There are also instructors with designations for athletic training, nursing, medical degrees, and PhD’s.

Are MedBridge Courses accredited in my state?

state accreditation2

Every MedBridge course can be filtered to determine if it is approved in your state. Most courses are approved in most states, but there are always exceptions. All you have to do is be sure you double check the course details before diving in. If you are unsure, you can always consult your state association to make sure you are getting credit for a course you want to take.

MedBridge will also automatically update your state board associations when you complete your continuing education so you can keep your licensing current. You just have to remember to keep your license information updated correctly in your MedBridge profile.

MedBridge courses are accredited by:

  • American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)
  • American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)
  • American Speech–Language–Hearing Association (ASHA)
  • The Board of Certification (BOC) for athletic trainers.

The live training requirement for continuing education is also covered with MedBridge’s live webinars, which we’ll cover next.

2. Live Webinars

live webinars2

As mentioned, MedBridge hosts live webinars that are meant to count as in-person courses for continuing education requirements. Be sure to double-check with your state just to make sure they accept them as in-person continuing ed as each state may vary.

The greatest advantage of live webinars is that you can be sure you are learning the most up to date information in terms of trends and evidence-based practice for a given topic in your field.

Live webinars on MedBridge also allow you to ask the instructors questions in real time. For example, you might be watching a webinar about recent Medicare changes and you have a specific situation that you’re not clear about. This is the perfect opportunity to post a question for the instructor so you can get better clarity about an issue you are facing.

If you’re interested to see a list of upcoming webinars, check out this page that MedBridge keeps current:

MedBridge Live Webinars Calendar

To utilize live webinars as a subscriber, MedBridge gives these 4 simple steps:

  1. Register for the webinar: find an upcoming webinar that interests you.
  2. Tune in live to watch: mark your calendar, and don’t forget to come ready with questions.
  3. Quiz and survey: test your knowledge and provide some feedback on what you thought of the course.
  4. Download your certificate: your certificate can always be downloaded on demand so you can get credit for your live CEUs.

3. Certification Test Prep Programs

certification test prep

Included in the basic subscription are MedBridge’s prep programs for industry certifications. These programs are designed to give you the tools you need to successfully pass the certification exams and move your career forward.

According to MedBridge, “93% of users who studied with the MedBridge Certification Prep Programs successfully passed their board specialization test.” What’s also great about these is that the certification prep programs also count towards your continuing education!

The 7 prep programs included are:

  1. Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) Prep Program for OTs and PTs
  2. Sports Certified Specialist (SCS) Prep Program for PTs
  3. Orthopedics Certified Specialist (OCS) Prep Program for PTs
  4. Geriatric Certified Specialist (GCS) Prep Program for PTs
  5. Neurologic Certified Specialist (NCS) Prep Program for PTs
  6. Pediatric Certified Specialist (PCS) Prep Program for PTs
  7. Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN) Prep Program for RNs

As you can see, many of the prep programs are currently geared towards physical therapists. MedBridge has stated that they will continue to add more prep programs for other disciplines in the near future.

Just like the continuing education courses, the certification prep programs are taught by industry-leading instructors so you can be sure you’re learning from the best. Here is a sample of the SCS certification:

scs certification3

The programs also have quizzes designed to help break down your areas of strength and weakness for a specific certification. This way, you can allocate your efforts to the right topics within the certification you’re preparing for. This is huge when it comes to preparation for any exam.

If you’re someone who knows you want to advance your career with industry certifications, MedBridge is a great option especially if you are a physical therapist interested in more than one certification.

4. MedBridge Certificates

medbridge certificate programs3

In addition to the prep programs for industry certifications, MedBridge also offers its own certifications to work towards. These certifications also count towards continuing education, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

These certifications are available for clinicians who want to set themselves apart and gain a deeper level of confidence in their practice. These certificates are a great way to challenge yourself and improve as a clinician.

They are also a great way to show your managers or prospective employers your serious level of commitment to a specialty you might be wanting to pursue.

Just like the continuing education and prep program components, the instructors for MedBridge’s certificates are highly skilled and knowledgeable on any given topic.

Also similar to the prep programs, these MedBridge certificates offer quizzes that allow you to assess your knowledge with interactive learning assessments, Q&A sessions, and case study discussions.

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There are over 58 different MedBridge certificate programs as of May 2023. These are all categorized and listed below, and you can click on the link to learn more about each certificate. For the most current list, you can check out the entire certification catalog here.



Older Adults

Neurological and Brain Injury

Professional and Workplace

Sports Therapy


There are so many great certifications that you’re bound to find at least a few that interest you. This is a really great lesser known component offered in the basic MedBridge subscription. It is a fantastic way to advance your knowledge, your practice, and your career.

5. Compliance Training


Compliance might be one of the not-so-interesting aspects of healthcare for those of us that went into the profession to help patients one-on-one. It is still an essential part of our profession, and it’s important for all clinicians to fully comprehend all the ins and outs.

MedBridge offers compliance courses that are much more engaging and fun than a typical compliance course. The courses provide real-life examples and interactive activities to make it easier for you to stay up to date on regulations affecting your role.

And because regulations are always changing, as clinicians we must do everything we can to maintain a safe work environment for the sake of our patients. This includes everything from infection prevention and ethical dilemmas to patient privacy and medical errors. MedBridge’s compliance courses give special attention to OSHA and HIPAA training requirements as well.

Just like the core continuing education component, the compliance training lets you learn on your schedule and at your pace. The courses also meet state requirements and allow for downloadable certificates.

There are 125 compliance courses as of May 2023.

6. Additional Reference Materials


The vast amount of additional reference material is just another way MedBridge provides so much value with their subscription. There are three additional reference materials:

1. Orthopedic Exam Test Reference (412 tests)

orthopedic exam tests

2. Manual Therapy Techniques Library (124 techniques)

manual therapy technique

3. Non-accredited Courses (1,800+ courses)

non-accredited courses

A complete list (with samples) of the orthopedic tests and therapy techniques can be found on the MedBridge website by clicking each respective image above.

It shouldn’t be missed that there are an additional 1,800+ (!) courses included in the MedBridge subscription that, although not always accredited, are an incredible resource for clinicians.

All these additional reference materials are available through the Education level subscription. As a side note, there are not any other additional references that come with the Premium Subscription.

7. Clinician Mobile App

clinician mobile app2

To make clinicians lives even easier, MedBridge has an app specially designed for clinicians. The app provides access to all of MedBridge’s continuing education courses anytime/anywhere with at least the Education level subscription.

View all the same high-quality courses and patient demonstrations taught by top professionals that were described in the first Continuing Education section above.

The app will always synchronize with MedBridge across all your devices in order to show your completed, in-progress, and bookmarked courses as well as any new courses that are released.

Use the promo code MYOTSPOT to get $150 OFF your annual MedBridge subscription!

In addition to CEUs, you can also access online articles, learning assessments, practice sessions, and all the additional reference materials. If you’re in an organization that assigns you MedBridge content as part of Knowledge Tracks, this can also be seen in the app.

Lastly, the app allows you to download course materials like PDFs and PowerPoint presentations just as you normally would on the desktop version.

8. Home Exercise Builder (Premium)

hep builder2

So far, we’ve covered all the components of MedBridge that are available on the entry-level Education subscription. While this might already seem like a ton of stuff (and it is!), we haven’t even gotten to possibly the most powerful tool MedBridge is best known for:

The Home Exercise Program Builder (or HEP Builder for short)

What is the MedBridge Home Exercise Program Builder?

The HEP Builder is a simple and powerful tool that clinicians use to create home exercise programs for their patients.

The tool has over 7,000 exercise videos that are super engaging because of:

  • Demonstrations done by industry professionals
  • Multiple camera angles and voice-overs
  • Mirror videos that demonstrate both sides of the body
  • 100 new videos added monthly

The HEP Builder also includes 100 templates to use when building a patient’s program. You can also save your own templates for later use.

Why is the MedBridge HEP Builder so great?

hep builder dashboard

The HEP Builder is a great resource for clinicians for many reasons, but first and foremost it improves the patient experience. Providing the patient with a high-quality program helps improve patient adherence, outcomes, and satisfaction. Just have a look at these stats:

  • 90% of clinicians say HEP Builder helped them improve patient outcomes.
  • 98% of patients were satisfied with their MedBridge HEP.

With the Enterprise subscription, the HEP Builder gives you tools to track patient utilization and gather feedback through surveys. This is a great way to accurately measure patient engagement and outcomes. Actionable data included with the Enterprise subscription is also available to help improve outcomes.

The HEP Builder is also a huge help to clinicians since it gives you the tools to effectively and efficiently treat patients. Better outcomes and satisfaction for patients can help build a more successful and reputable practice. The HEP Builder also saves clinicians time when creating programs and doing documentation.

How does the MedBridge HEP Builder work?

The HEP Builder is extremely easy to use via the online platform on MedBridge’s website. Once you’re logged in with your Premium subscription, the first step is to search the 7,000+ videos by using one of four methods:

  • List search
  • Simple search
  • Front/back body map
  • Text search

A demonstration of the HEP Builder search functionality is shown here:

hep builder search

Once you’ve found an exercise you want for your patient, you can drag and drop the exercise into the patient’s program. The HEP Builder also allows you to modify existing patient programs and customize exercises. You can upload your own exercises, edit exercise names, descriptions, and parameters. Programs are also available in Spanish.

After all the exercises have been selected, you can provide it to the patient in one of four ways (all are HIPAA compliant):

  • Email the patient a link with their access code for the patient portal
  • Text the patient a link with their access code for the patient portal
  • Have the patient download the MedBridge GO app
  • Print out the HEP (compact, small, normal, or large font)

Here is a quick demonstration of how to drag/drop exercises and print them out for patients:

hep builder print2

Lastly, the HEP Builder makes it super easy to document – click the Document button and copy/paste a short text version of the HEP into your patient notes. There is also EMR integration available with the Enterprise subscription (not Premium unfortunately).

9. Patient Education (Premium)

patient education2

The Patient Education component fits in right with the HEP Builder. It features 420+ videos that educate patients on their condition, steps for prevention, and necessary lifestyle changes (like body mechanics and posture).

These videos can also be dragged and dropped into the patient’s HEP. When doing so, a thumbnail and description of the video appears which directs the patient to access the video through the MedBridge patient portal.

Many of the videos feature super helpful 3D models, animated videos, and handouts explaining the various pathologies. There are even packaged education for common diagnoses like TJR, low back pain, and COPD.

patient education sample

Why is the Patient Education component so valuable?

It is important for patients to understand their condition and rehab plan for three reasons:

  1. It drives patient engagement and adherence to their plan.
  2. Better engagement helps improve patient outcomes.
  3. Better outcomes usually result in higher patient satisfaction.

The Patient Education component is also great for clinicians because it:

  • Saves you time when explaining complex conditions
  • Extends your reach with lifestyle and discharge education
  • Allows you to provide HIPAA compliant handouts to the patient via the HEP Builder
  • Allows for customizing content and condition notes
  • Reduces readmissions with education on wound care, transfers, and fall prevention
  • Tracks patient utilization and gathers feedback through surveys (Enterprise)

Overall, the HEP Builder combined with the Patient Education materials make the MedBridge Premium subscription well worth it. There’s one last piece to the Premium level subscription covered in the next section.

10. MedBridge GO App for Patients (Premium)

medbridge go app2

As mentioned, there are four ways of delivering a home exercise program to a patient. One of the best ways is with the patient app called MedBridge GO.

As you’ve seen, the goal with the HEP Builder and Patient Education components is to drive patient engagement, improve outcomes, and improve patient satisfaction. The MedBridge GO app helps with all three goals in its own technology-focused way:

  • Patients can watch their exercise and patient education videos (watch once or on a loop).
  • The app sends push notifications to help patients remember to do their program.
  • Having the app right on their phone motivates patient activity and helps reduce self-discharge.
  • The progress tracking and feedback system help clinicians keep their patients on track with modified programs if necessary (Enterprise).
  • In the end, better adherence and outcomes leads to improved patient satisfaction.

In all, there are just four simple steps to deliver the home exercise program to your patient on the MedBridge GO app:

  1. Builds the patient’s HEP
  2. Convert their exercise routine into daily dosage
  3. Share the HEP with the patient on the app
  4. The patient activates the app and begins their program

MedBridge GO Marketing and Training


MedBridge also makes marketing materials available to clinicians (like the GIF above) to help encourage patients to use the app. This includes flyers, posters, videos, and other shareable content to get the MedBridge GO app in front of patients.

In addition to marketing materials, there are also a few training materials available for clinicians and patients new to the MedBridge GO app:

MedBridge Reviews and Case Studies

MedBridge is loved by practitioners across disciplines and settings. People love the organization, the amazing content, and the way it helps them achieve their goals with their patients. These are the first few testimonials found on the MedBridge website, but click here to see almost 125 reviews on one page!


There are also currently 12 customer stories on the MedBridge website that help give a clear picture of the benefits that MedBridge provides clinicians and organizations as a whole. A sampling of these include:

  • Everest Home Health and Hospice saw a 28% decrease in recommended OASIS corrections.
  • Freeman Health Hospital uses MedBridge to increase staff engagement, improve their ability to maintain licensure, elevate consistency of care, save on CEU costs, and improve health outcomes for patients.
  • Professional Physical Therapy uses MedBridge to provide evidence-based training to their ever-growing staff and ensure a top-notch experience for patients.
  • Kepros utilized the EMR integration (on the Enterprise plan) to integrate with Casamba allowing clinicians to spend more time with patients and less time on computers.
  • MOTION PT uses MedBridge to engage and retain staff, provide staff with powerful CEU resources, get new hires up to speed, mitigate risk, and fulfill regulatory requirements.
  • Tx:Team uses MedBridge to improve employee recruitment, candidate selection, onboarding, and staff engagement.
  • Pivot Physical Therapy uses MedBridge to engage employees, streamline training, ensure consistent application of services, and service patients beyond their expectations.

My Personal Opinion of MedBridge

You might not be surprised to learn that I absolutely love MedBridge, and I’ve been using it for my own continuing education since 2016.

Since I have been practicing for several years as an acute care occupational therapist, I am usually treating solo in a hospital room. I don’t usually have other therapists around to learn new ideas from, unfortunately. 

MedBridge is great for someone like me since it features videos of a lot of important figures in occupational therapy who I can learn from. There are so many great videos I’ve watched with well-known therapists like Jan Davis, Teepa Snow, and other neuro experts for conditions like stroke and brain injury. The videos have taught me practical evidence-based treatments that I can use on the job.

Whenever I’m working with a new diagnosis I can pretty much always find a MedBridge course on it. Taking the course makes me feel confident that I can provide the proper treatments to my patients.

I like to take more than the required continuing education because I find it’s an easy and quick way to learn without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a weekend course. I find this very helpful since it saves me from dedicating an entire weekend to a course.

I’ve also gained interesting perspectives for settings I haven’t personally worked in, like home health and outpatient, for example. There are also interesting videos on ethics and the business end of healthcare that I find to be really useful.

What’s also great is that MedBridge is always adding new courses, so I never run out of interesting things to take.

I really think MedBridge is the best option in online continuing education. They are always paving the way and creating the best content you can find online. I recommend MedBridge to my coworkers all the time, and they use it and love it too!

Overall, I love using MedBridge because it allows me (as a solo practitioner) an easy way to learn new evidence-based treatment ideas that I can use in my practice. I don’t always have time to be diving into research articles, and I know MedBridge is always incorporating evidence-based practice into their content.

How Much Does MedBridge Cost?

MedBridge lists regular prices on their website, but they also run sales periodically throughout the year. 

All disciplines except SLP are normally $375/year for the Education level subscription and $425/year for the Premium level subscription. When they’re on sale, the plans cost $275/year and $325/year respectively.

However, when you use the coupon code MYOTSPOT, you get the best deal on both plans all year round:

  • Education = $225/year
  • Premium = $275/year

Use the promo code MYOTSPOT to get $150 OFF your annual MedBridge subscription!

If you’re curious, you can see all the prices for all disciplines in the table below along with the regular price, sale price, and the price with a promo code. You’ll see that the discipline doesn’t make a difference for price except for SLP.

  Education Subscription Premium Subscription Enterprise Subscription
Discipline Regular Sale Promo
Regular Sale Promo
Certified Athletic Trainer $375 $275 $225 $425 $325 $275 Custom Pricing
Nurse $375 $275 $225 NA NA NA Custom Pricing
Occupational Therapist $375 $275 $225 $425 $325 $275 Custom Pricing
OT Assistant $375 $275 $225 $425 $325 $275 Custom Pricing
Physical Therapist $375 $275 $225 $425 $325 $275 Custom Pricing
PT Assistant $375 $275 $225 $425 $325 $275 Custom Pricing
Speech-Language Pathology $270 $170 $120 $320 $220 $170 Custom Pricing
Strength & Conditioning Specialist $375 $250 $225 $425 $300 $275 Custom Pricing
Other (non-accredited) $375 $250 $225 $425 $300 $275 Custom Pricing


Speech language pathology is the only plan that has different pricing from the rest since an SLP only needs limited access to the library of MedBridge content. With the coupon code, SLP costs $95/year for the Education level and $145/year for the Premium level.

How much you pay for MedBridge vs. how much you would have to pay for individual CEU courses + separate HEP Builder + reference tools

Why Are There So Many Different MedBridge Promo Codes?

promo codes2

If you’ve spent any time researching MedBridge, you’ve probably seen a number of different brands (like us!) promoting MedBridge and providing their own promo codes for you to use. There is some confusion around why there are so many different promo codes and whether these promo codes offer the same discount.

Affiliate Programs

To understand why there are so many promo codes, it helps to have some context. First, it’s no surprise that MedBridge is a business like any other which means they want to provide as much value as they can and attract as many customers to their platform as they can.

To do this, MedBridge works with partners (or “affiliates”) across the industry who review and promote their platform to help bring in new customers. These affiliates include industry associations, instructors, bloggers, podcasts, and other organizations. If someone purchases a MedBridge subscription as a direct result of an affiliate’s recommendation, the affiliate is paid a commission on the sale.

Such affiliate programs have become a very common tool in recent years that many businesses use to help market their products and grow their customer base.

MedBridge Promo Codes

To track sales, every affiliate is provided with their own unique promo code – like ours for example is MYOTSPOT. When a customer types in the unique promo code at the time of checkout, the discount is applied and the affiliate is given credit for the sale.

To keep things fair among all the program’s affiliates, MedBridge promo codes are set up to give the exact same discount on Education and Premium subscriptions – no matter what. There is no such thing as the “best” promo code or the “latest” promo code.

The only reason there are so many different promo codes is so that MedBridge and its affiliates can properly track conversions.

“If affiliates are paid a commission, are they just recommending MedBridge to make money?”

No. Affiliates must be approved by MedBridge, which means they have to establish themselves in the industry as being a trustworthy source of information. MedBridge does not want just anybody making recommendations solely for the sake of making money. It doesn’t help further the mission of MedBridge, and it certainly doesn’t reflect well on their brand.

It is also in the best interest of brands to only recommend products they truly believe in. Their long-term success and survival depends on it. If brands were only recommending MedBridge to make money and MedBridge was not an amazing product, MedBridge would not have survived and thrived for as long as they have.

The truth is that MedBridge is an amazing resource for industry professionals, and the fact that they have an affiliate program does not change the enormous value their platform provides. The company and platform have received broad acclaim and positive support from both affiliates and non-affiliates alike because they offer such an amazing resource.

“Are you just being transparent to get me to use your promo code?”

No. There are many reputable and hard-working brands and instructors that provide amazing free and helpful content to their followers. Promoting MedBridge is a simple way for them to make a small commission recommending something they believe in, and in turn creators can continue their work.

You should support the brand you follow the most, trust the most, and find most helpful to you in your profession. This might be us at My OT Spot or someone else, but either way you can be sure you’re getting the same and best possible discount on your subscription.

If you do want to support My OT Spot, feel free to use our promo code for $150 off both subscription levels: MYOTSPOT

If not, thank you for taking the time to read our review anyway! We really hope you’ve found this page helpful with your research into MedBridge and the platform.

Please don’t hesitate to add a question or your experience with MedBridge in the comments sections below, or contact me at with any questions.

This post was last updated on May 30, 2023.

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