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Use MedBridge Promo Code MYOTSPOT to Save $175 on Unlimited CEUs!

Here at My OT Spot, we’re really excited to extend our exclusive MedBridge promo code MYOTSPOT to readers and visitors! […]

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LSVT and OT: Advice from an LSVT BIG OT

If you work with adults, especially older adults, you are almost sure to encounter someone with Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease […]

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Developing Solid Clinical Reasoning Skills in Occupational Therapy

Clinical reasoning in occupational therapy is a term that gets thrown around a lot in OT school and beyond. Professors […]

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Write an Amazing Occupational Therapy SOAP Note (With Example)

Documentation can be a pretty intimidating class in OT school. But the reality of writing an occupational therapy SOAP note, […]

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7 Awesome Occupational Therapy Memes

Memes are a staple in group chats across the nation. We can probably all agree that memes are good content […]

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10 OTCAS Tips For A Smooth Application Process

Applying to occupational therapy schools can be a challenge in many ways. There’s a lot to figure out, including learning […]

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