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Orthopedic Precautions 101 for New Occupational Therapists

Making the switch from working in a non-orthopedic setting to an acute orthopedic setting can be a challenge for occupational […]

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7 Best Undergraduate Majors for Occupational Therapy

What are the best pre-occupational therapy undergraduate majors to choose from? If you’re seriously considering occupational therapy as a career, […]

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5 Big Mistakes I Made When Applying to OT School

If you’re in the throes of applying to occupational therapy school, or will soon be applying to OT school, this […]

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Self-Care Tips & Strategies for Occupational Therapists and Students

According to U.S. News, Occupational Therapy ranks 28 in 100 top best jobs of 2020. Rankings are based on full […]

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5 Hand Dexterity Assessments for Occupational Therapists

At this point, we’ve all (or at least all of us OT people) heard of the word ‘dexterity’. When we […]

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12 Perfect Gift Ideas for Occupational Therapists [2020]

‘Tis the season for a fun list of great gift ideas for yourself or that favorite Occupational Therapist/COTA/OT student in […]

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