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Use MedBridge Promo Code MYOTSPOT to Save $175 on Unlimited CEUs!

Here at My OT Spot, we’re really excited to extend our exclusive MedBridge promo code MYOTSPOT to readers and visitors! […]

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The Importance of Evidence-Based Practice in Occupational Therapy

How many times have you heard the phrase evidence-based practice over the last few years? Applying the latest research to […]

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5 Free Cognitive Assessments for Occupational Therapists

Finding free cognitive assessments that are applicable for occupational therapists can be a challenge when you’re in a time crunch. As […]

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Occupational Therapy in the Acute Care Setting

If you’re an occupational therapist working in the acute care setting, you already know that this setting is quite different […]

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A Day in the Life of an Acute Care OT

When I first became an OT, I spent the first year and a half of my career working solely in […]

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Occupational Therapy and Multiple Sclerosis: Treatment Tips and Strategies

When working in occupational therapy, have you noticed as you gain clinical experience that there is no “one size fits […]

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