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OT School Interview Questions & Prep Tips

Preparing for Your OT School Interview Occupational therapy programs are getting more and more competitive each year. Many programs will […]

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7 Strategies to Improve Your Client-Centered Care

Picture this… You’ve been waiting at the doctor’s office for about 45 minutes, despite arriving on time for your appointment. […]

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Q&A With Travel Occupational Therapist Cheryl Mendoza

I’m excited to share to share this travel therapist interview and Q&A with travel occupational therapist (and my OT school […]

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What on Earth is a Travel Therapy Tax Home?

To continue our series on travel therapy, I wanted to provide some more information on probably the biggest topic on everyone’s […]

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The Best Splinting Guide for Occupational Therapists

I’ve heard from many different therapists how hard it is to find a good, reputable splinting guide. I started doing […]

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Four Tips to Know Before Becoming a Travel Occupational Therapist

Whether you’re a new grad or seasoned therapist nearing retirement, you’ve probably been curious about travel therapy at some point […]

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