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10 Helpful Fieldwork Tips for a Successful Experience

Occupational therapy fieldwork is an integral part of every therapist’s education. While classroom learning is great for building theory, the […]

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What Is It Like Working in Pelvic Floor Occupational Therapy?

If you’re interested in working in pelvic floor occupational therapy, I’m very excited to share this very informative interview with Anjana […]

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7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming an Occupational Therapist

Are you interested in becoming an occupational therapist? After being a US-based occupational therapist for three years now and having […]

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Mirror Therapy for Stroke Rehabilitation: A Viable Treatment Option

If you are an occupational therapist who works in stroke rehabilitation, you know that you must constantly update your skills […]

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20 Occupational Therapy Specialties to Advance Your Career

When you get your first job as a licensed occupational therapy practitioner, you usually aren’t thinking about additional occupational therapy […]

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AOTA 2018 Conference Round-up (Plus Tips for Next Year!)

Attending AOTA’s 2018 Conference in Salt Lake City for my second-ever conference was a blast. It flew by and I […]

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