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Use MedBridge Promo Code MYOTSPOT to Save $150 on Unlimited CEUs!

Here at My OT Spot, we’re very excited to extend our exclusive MedBridge promo code MYOTSPOT to readers and visitors! At 40% off your annual subscription, this is the best MedBridge discount you can get!

With the promo code MYOTSPOT you will be able to save $150 off of the full yearly price of MedBridge Continuing Education, whether you are an OT, OTA, PT, PTA, RN or Athletic Trainer. That’s just $225 a year for the standard plan, and $275 for the premium plan.

If you are a speech-language pathologist (SLP), you will pay just $120 for the standard plan and $170 for the premium plan with the MedBridge promo code.

You can also get your discount directly through our MedBridge link here.

To dive in to what MedBridge Continuing Education is a bit more, I will answer some common questions that may have crossed your mind before you decide if MedBridge is the right continuing education program for you.

What makes MedBridge my favorite continuing education option?

I’ve been using MedBridge for over seven years now, and have dabbled in other lower-cost online continuing education platforms. I’ve found that the massive amount of quality content available on MedBridge beats anything else I’ve tried.

MedBridge seeks out industry-leading experts in each therapy discipline to provide exclusive courses on virtually every topic you can imagine…more on that down below!

MedBridge has a growing library of almost 2,000 accredited courses and live webinars across multiple disciplines and specialties, with approximately 50 new courses launched each month.

For occupational therapists, there are currently over 1,200+ AOTA and NBCOT accredited courses, which means you’ll basically never run out of courses to take and can learn literally as much as you want.

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MedBridge is also the most cost-effective CEU platform you can use, with unlimited CEU courses being half the cost of one in-person seminar.

And to add the icing on the cake, the courses aren’t simply recorded PowerPoint presentations. They feature world-renowned instructors that feature live patient demonstrations along with high quality images and graphics.

Are the courses evidence-based?

Yes! Another great feature is that MedBridge strives to ensure all of their courses utilize up-to-date, evidence-based curriculums, with proven rehabilitation techniques that are designed to immediately help you and your patients.

When using MedBridge, you’ll know that the new interventions and techniques you’re learning are evidence-based to help you provide the best outcomes for your patients.

What is the difference between the Standard and Premium plan?

With the MedBridge promo code, the standard plan is the $225/year version that includes the entire continuing education library and live webinars, which will meet your continuing education requirements.

The premium plan, which is $275/year with the promo code, includes all of the continuing education courses as well as the Home Exercise Program (HEP) builder and Patient Education portal.


With the HEP builder, you can tailor individual workouts and print them out for your patients. There are over 6,500 video-based exercises to choose from. This is especially useful if you work in outpatient therapy.

The Patient Education Portal (included in the Premium plan) is a great tool for educating your patients on their diagnosis, as it includes over 500 resources which include 3D models, animated videos and printable handouts on patient conditions.

Is it easy to track my CEU credits with MedBridge?

Keeping track of your CEUs when using MedBridge is the easiest way to manage your continuing education credits.

After you’ve finished a course, it is automatically loaded in your MedBridge CE Tracker, where it populates how many credits each course is worth along with individual certificates to print out in case you have an audit.


Will I be able to get all of continuing education requirements from just MedBridge?

Since MedBridge offers online courses as well as LIVE webinars one to two times a month, you will be able to meet your online and in-person credits with just one subscription.

I do recommend playing it safe and reaching out to your state’s OT board to verify if they accept the live webinars for in-person credit, since rules can change regularly. You can use your MedBridge CEUs for your NBCOT renewal.

Normally, an annual subscription to MedBridge is $375 a year for the standard unlimited online continuing education credits, and $425 with the home exercise program and patient education portal, which still is not too shabby for unlimited courses.

But with the MYOTSPOT MedBridge promo code, you can get the standard subscription for $225, and the Premium plan for $275.

Does MedBridge cover my setting with relevant courses?

MedBridge currently covers every traditional occupational therapy setting, from pediatrics to older adults.

If you’re an occupational therapy practitioner, the bulk of MedBridge courses are applicable for OTs and COTAs who work in pediatrics, acute care, home health, inpatient sub-acute rehab, and outpatient therapy (for both adults AND pediatrics).

For a complete list of courses, be sure to check out the full list for all disciplines here. Simply choose your discipline from the drop-down box to see the courses.


For an exclusive interview we did with MedBridge, also be sure to check out the following post as well. In the article, we dive deep about what a MedBridge subscription offers you: Why MedBridge Is The Best Continuing Education Investment You Can Make.

Disclosure: After personally using (and loving) MedBridge years, I reached out to become a MedBridge affiliate. All information in this post was initiated and written by me, and all opinions about MedBridge Continuing Education are my own. If you purchase a MedBridge subscription, we may receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for your support!

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