Highest paying occupational therapy specialty

What’s the Highest Paying Occupational Therapy Specialty?

If you’re in the process of becoming an occupational therapist, you probably already know that the tuition costs of OT school can be steep, whether you opt for a Master’s or Doctorate in Occupational Therapy.  Occupational therapy certainly isn’t a field that’s all about the money, but instead about making a positive difference in peoples’ […]

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successfully negotiate your ot job offer

Successfully Negotiate Your OT Job Offer

Many occupational therapists find that, among their excitement and anxiety over starting a new job, the details sort of blur together. Employers present new hires with a ton of paperwork in a short time, which all needs signatures and your immediate attention. Contracts, disclosures, addendums, and more, can get very overwhelming very quickly. Therapists, especially […]

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