OT frames of reference

25 OT Frames of Reference: A Quick Overview for Students and Practitioners

The occupational therapy discipline is built on several foundational theories that are fascinating, but they can also feel drawn out and extremely challenging to digest. So, we have decided to assist OT students and OT practitioners by providing summarized highlights of the OT frames of reference all in one place. But first, let’s get past […]

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Understanding the MOHO in Occupational Therapy

Having survived several challenging years of occupational therapy grad school, we have to be honest…learning about theories, models, and frameworks in school isn’t always one of the most fun aspects of becoming an OT. However, after practicing occupational therapy for several years now, it’s now easy to see the importance of these theories daily. It […]

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what is the peop model

What is the PEOP Model? Person-Environment-Occupation Performance

The Person-Environment-Occupation Performance (PEOP) model is an important framework used in occupational therapy to guide assessment, intervention, and evaluation of client-centered care. It was first developed in 1985 by Baum and Christiansen during the time when the biomedical model was widely used. The biomedical model is extremely clinician-based and only focuses on the physical processes […]

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