Occupational Therapy Intervention In Acute Care


The Occupational Therapy Intervention In Acute Care E-book

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This e-book explores the core concepts you need to know in order to be a successful occupational therapist in acute care. Proper patient care in the acute setting is instrumental in determining the path forward for rehabilitation. It is critical to make the appropriate decisions and assessments for patients in this setting.

Not only does this e-book cover the key components of the acute setting, but you will have access to occupation-based and functional interventions for your patients.

Along with interventions, you’ll also learn the difference between acute care and traditional rehab, the role and goals of acute care OTs, and ways to determine if acute care is a good fit for you.

The 10 Steps for Acute Care OTs

Next, you’ll be able to get organized with the 10 steps to follow to develop your skills and understanding of acute care for OTs.

1. Background Info

2. Check With The Nurse

3. Teamwork

4. Intervention Location

5. Equipment and Organization

6. Evaluations

7. Client Focus

8. Interventions in Acute Care

9. Caregiver Education

10. Discharge Planning

Interventions (Step 8) is the most important and robust section of the entire e-book. This section goes into detail about what exactly to consider and remember when performing each intervention. The interventions covered include splinting, positioning, edema reduction, preparatory activities, bed mobility, ADL and I-ADL retraining, and many more.

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If you’ve been searching for something to help you get organized and well-informed as an occupational therapist in acute care, or you’re interested to see if this is a setting you want to explore in the future, this e-book will be perfect for you.

All sales of the e-book go right back into making My OT Spot a better website and resource for occupational therapists all over the world. I hope you find this e-book super useful, and thank you for supporting the website!



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