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Our Picks for the Best Occupational Therapy Podcasts

Looking for a list of the best occupational therapy podcasts? Well, you’ve come to the right place! I’m a HUGE fan of podcasts in general, since they’re so easy to listen to while driving, walking the dog, working out, cleaning, and so on.

I also love learning on the go, and listening to quality occupational therapy podcasts is a great way to get some in quick info before or after work, without diving into an hours-long continuing education course every week.

While there are so many new OT podcasts coming out regularly, the My OT Spot team wanted to showcase our choices that have a large library of episodes, that publish episodes fairly regularly, and focus on high quality content. So without further ado, here are our picks for the best OT podcasts.

AOTA’s OT Podcast Channel

aota podcast

AOTA’s Occupational Therapy Podcast Channel is a great resource students and practitioners alike, as it covers the most current evidence based-practice, with their Everyday Evidence series of episodes published weekly. The podcast covers everything OT, from pediatrics through older adults and everything in between. AOTA’s podcast is also the most regularly updated OT podcast on this list.  

OT & Chill

OT and Chill podcast

OT & Chill is a great podcast run by UK-based occupational therapist Kwaku Agyemang who specializes in the prison setting. Along with providing information about OT in the criminal justice system, Kwaku covers many other topics including (but not limited to!) mental health, occupations, autism, and race relations. He also features some great guests that share their insights, so be sure to check this one out. 

Mind Your OT Business

Mind Your OT Business podcast2

If you’re an OT considering starting your own business, Laura Park Figueroa’s Mind Your OT Business is a must-listen. Laura is an OT entrepreneur with over 20 years of OT experience. Her podcast is geared to “empower and equip occupational therapy practitioners to be savvy and successful entrepreneurs.” The podcast shares so many helpful resources and insights needed to start your own OT business. The series also showcases many interviews with other OT entrepreneurs to get you inspired and get the ball rolling on your own business ventures.

OT Flourish

OT Flourish podcast

The OT Flourish podcast (formerly known as Seniors Flourish), created by Mandy Chamberlain OTR/L, was the first OT podcast I started listening to, and is a great go-to for when you’re short on time. This podcast is geared towards OT students and OT practitioners working with older adults, and features a great variety of episodes interviewing OT practitioners in a huge array of settings. Shameless plug: You check me out as a guest talking with Mandy about occupation-based interventions here!

Spill the OT

Spill The OT podcast

Spill the OT is a unique podcast in that the creator is an anonymous OT podcaster whose mission is to be honest and upfront about everyday issues we all face as therapists and students (by “spilling the tea” as they say these days!). These issues range from salary, settings, loans, and interviews with therapists from a multitude of settings. This podcast isn’t afraid to cover the less than ideal aspects about the therapy world but is still an overall fun and positive listen. 


The Occupied Podcast is a podcast created by Brock Cook, an OT from Australia whose mission is to cover all things occupation in this regularly updated podcast. This podcast not only covers occupation but has a huge emphasis on mental health (hooray!) and also has a great variety of interviews with other OTs from around the world.

OT 4 Lyfe

The OT 4 Lyfe podcast was created by Sarah Putt in 2018. Sarah is a pediatric OT and also happens to be the founder and clinical director of her own private practice. She’s created a lot of great podcast episodes covering a variety of topics including fieldwork, pediatric occupational therapy, international work, the business side of OT, along with featuring big names in the OT world for informational interviews. 

The OT School House

ot school house img

The OT School House, created by Jayson Davies, is focused on school-based occupational therapy, which features guests to discuss strategies for OTs working in school systems. This podcast is a must-listen if you’re going to start a clinical in the schools or are working as a school-based OT already. A huge added bonus to this podcast is that you can purchase optional PDUs to earn while listening, which range from 9.99 to 19.99 depending on the PDU amount earned.

OT Potential

Wishing you could learn about a new OT-related research article every week but don’t always have the time or energy? This is where Sarah Lyon’s OT Potential podcast comes in. Each week, Sarah covers a new journal article in podcast form (a great way to learn on the go!) to help you learn about relevant studies and their outcomes. I love these episodes especially since many of them range from around 8-20 minutes, so you can get the full scoop on an article on your way to work. 

On The Air

on the air podcast

On the Air was created by Stephanie Lancaster, an OT with over 25 years of experience. Stephanie has been podcasting regularly since 2017 and also works as an OT educator specializing in assistive technology and instructional design. This podcast covers a HUGE variety of topics, including alternative career options, international OT, telehealth, burnout, advocacy, and so much more. No matter what setting you’re in, you’ll be sure to find many applicable and educational episodes with this podcast.

Burnt Out to Lit Up

burnt out to lit up podcast2

Founded in 2018 by OT Erika del Pozo and her PT husband Michael Frasso, the Burnt Out to Lit Up podcast was created after Erika was facing significant burnout and anxiety after she began practicing OT. Realizing she certainly isn’t the only clinician facing issues with the all-too-common healthcare burnout, Erika created this podcast to help professionals in all healthcare avenues, not just occupational therapists.

The podcast episodes discuss “wellness, health, personal & professional development, healthcare industry issues & how to affect change, spirituality, and more.” While this podcast has not been releasing new episodes since 2021, it still has a great resource library for strategies to help you if you’re noticing any feelings of burnout. And these days, who isn’t?!

How to Listen to These Podcasts

If you’re new to podcasts, you might also be wondering where to get started. Fear not, each one of these podcasts has a variety of ways you can listen. If you have an iPhone, all of these podcasts are available on your Apple iOS podcast app.

If you have an Android or want to listen on your computer, many of these podcasts are also available on Google Play and Spotify. To find out which podcasts are available on those platforms, simply click on the podcast titles which will link you directly to the other available platforms.


What are YOUR favorite occupational therapy podcasts? Which ones did we miss? Please share them in the comments below!

And lastly, if you’re also looking for great occupational blogs, be sure to check out our list of top OT blogs here.

This post was originally published on October 14, 2019 and updated on January 26, 2022.

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  • Spill the OT October 31, 2019   Reply →

    Oh my goodness, I love this! Thank you for the shout out! My friend just sent me this and I’m so flattered to included. Want to come on the podcast?! (No pressure! But if so email me at spilltheot@gmail.con 🙂

  • Laurie November 12, 2019   Reply →

    I would also recommend Lifestyle by Design and OT Uncorked (this one just started around April 2019). Thanks for this great post!

    • Sarah Stromsdorfer, OTR/L November 12, 2019   Reply →

      Thanks for the suggestions, Laurie! I’ll definitely have to check these out as well.

      • Ash August 30, 2022   Reply →

        Made up to see OT & Chill on the list, brill podcast and Kwaku is a great host

  • matt February 8, 2020   Reply →

    great new podcast called “OT at Home” really motivating and helps get therapists recharged and fall back in love with the profession, check it out.

  • Alexis Joelle April 26, 2020   Reply →

    OT round table just started up! Such a goodie from Sarah Putt and Brock Cook, joined by Michelle Amussen.

    This post has me pumped for the release of my podcast to join the crew. The OT community has so many golden nuggets to share! Podcasts breathe life into me.

  • Tani G. March 1, 2021   Reply →


    I also host a podcast called “O.T. Talk With Mr. T” of audio bursts of ten or so minutes on Occupational Therapy with tips, advice, suggestions, and the like, currently in Season 4 with a direct link of



  • savitha Sundar January 5, 2022   Reply →

    If you are a school-based OT do check out inclusiveoccupations. This podcast features OTs, educators, and thought leaders who share valuable insights on creating an inclusive community for students with disabilities. Various programs, resources, and tools are shared here that we can take to our schools to support inclusion. As school-based OTs, we can practice to our fullest scope when we become advocates for inclusion.

  • Brad September 2, 2022   Reply →

    For driving and driver assessments, try the Drive-Able podcast. The podcast interviews clients with disabilities who drive and get their background story and how they negotiated OTs and modifiers and learnt to drive. The podcast is also packed with interviews with other key stakeholders and industry experts.

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