3. Transitioning to Practice

failed the nbcot

So You Failed the NBCOT?
Get Advice To Succeed On Your Next Try

Take a deep breath. Don’t panic. If you’re reading this, you may have just received the stressful news that you didn’t pass the NBCOT. After weeks and weeks of studying and stressing, you’re feeling super de-motivated and hopeless. These feelings are 100% normal and you should expect to feel crappy about it for a few days. It’s […]

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home health as a new grad

Home Health as a New Grad

In an earlier post I wrote about being all for travel therapy as a new graduate. I discussed mostly the pros and some cons, but am still all in favor of starting out as a travel therapist ONLY if you will have other occupational therapists on site with you as mentors. Outside of this, there are other almost […]

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