strategies for evidence based occupational therapy

5 Strategies to be an Evidence-Based OT Practitioner

If your occupational therapy program was anything like mine, the importance of occupation-based treatments and evidence-based practice was drilled into your head on a near-daily basis. While a variety of functional interventions were discussed, ones that had hard data to support their efficacy were exalted, whereas other, older OT interventions may have fallen out of […]

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How to Work in Hand Therapy as an OT

So, you made it through the grueling and exhausting process of applying to occupational therapy (OT) school and you got accepted; you deserve a HUGE congratulations (and maybe even a vacation)! Over the course of applying, I’m sure friends and family asked endless times, “What exactly is occupational therapy?” At times I feel like I […]

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Occupational Therapy’s Role in Driver Rehabilitation1

Occupational Therapy’s Role in Driver Rehabilitation

As occupational therapists, we consider driving to be an important instrumental activity of daily living (IADL) that may sometimes be addressed as part of treatment, but did you know that occupational therapy’s role in driver rehabilitation can be considered its own practice area entirely? Driver rehabilitation is a specialized area of occupational therapy that helps […]

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