Occupation-Based Balance Interventions For Your OT Practice

If you’re an occupational therapy practitioner or OT student searching for occupation-based dynamic balance interventions for your adult-setting rehab patients, then this article is just for you! Occupation-based interventions are not only our bread and butter as OTs, and by using them in our treatments they can help differentiate us from our physical therapy colleagues. […]

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Should I Become a Travel Therapist?

Whenever I talk to my old grad school classmates or former coworkers about working in travel therapy, I often get met with comments like “Oh, I wish I could do that,” or “You’re so lucky. I could never manage that.” And while I do feel incredibly fortunate to be able to have lived this traveling […]

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functional cognition and ot main2

Functional Cognition and OT: Our Time to Shine

One of things I love most about being an occupational therapist is the huge diversity in our scope of practice. Bridging the gap between physical therapy and speech pathology, occupational therapy practitioners truly get the best of both worlds. We are able to dip our hands into orthopedic conditions as well as cognitive impairments (via […]

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OT home safety tips and assessment

Occupational Therapy Home Safety Tips and Assessment

Are you an occupational therapy student or new adult-based OT looking for the most useful occupational therapy home safety tips and/or home assessment information? We’ve created this handy guide just for you to help you educate and keep your patients/clients safe at home. Occupational therapists are often considered the “go-to” professionals when it comes to […]

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