7 Best Undergraduate Majors for Occupational Therapy

What are the best pre-occupational therapy undergraduate majors to choose from? If you’re seriously considering occupational therapy as a career, there are many undergraduate majors to choose from before you start grad school for occupational therapy. Because of this, I wanted to lay out 7 great undergraduate options to choose from prior to getting your Master’s […]

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occupational therapy vs physical therapy

Occupational Therapy vs. Physical Therapy: Which Career Should You Choose?

Patients receiving therapy in a rehab setting might not always be able to tell you the difference between occupational therapy vs. physical therapy, which might be surprising considering the massive impact each therapy can have on their lives and their independence. Even though occupational therapy and physical therapy are two distinct healthcare professions, many people […]

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what is occupational therapy main2

What Exactly Is Occupational Therapy?

If you’re an occupational therapist, you are likely destined to forever answer the question, “So what exactly is occupational therapy?” The old joke from patients goes, “But I don’t need a job!” And while I have only heard that come out of a patient’s mouth a couple of times in over a decade of clinical […]

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