An OT’s Career Transition Into
A Home Modifications Entrepreneur

In this post, home modifications occupational therapist, Paige Hays, is sharing her experience of transitioning from traditional occupational therapy into starting her own online and in-person home modifications business. Paige is from the Twin Cities in Minnesota, she is the mother of two girls, loves DIY projects, and been working in home modifications for several […]

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6 of the Best Occupational Therapy Forums

From the first time we enter class as aspiring occupational therapists, we find ourselves surrounded by a community of peers sharing a similar experience. The best occupational therapy forums have the ability to extend that environment beyond physical encounters into online spaces, even well after graduation. That camaraderie provides a support network through which experience […]

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10 Reasons Why OTs Should Be Using Occupation-Based Interventions

Occupation-based interventions: It may seem like common sense to use these as occupational therapists. After all, our title has the word “occupation” in it, for goodness sake! Unfortunately, assembly-line therapy has reduced the use of occupation-based treatments in favor of exercises that make point of service and high productivity the main objective versus providing quality, […]

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Occupational Therapy’s Role in Sleep

Don’t Sleep on Occupational Therapy’s Role in Sleep

Should occupational therapists be addressing sleep in their practice?  YES! But how can sleep be considered an OT’s role?  Here’s how… Sleep is considered a restorative occupation, and sleep insufficiency has a direct impact on all of your other occupations. Sleep’s main purpose is to help us recover and recuperate from daytime occupations and build […]

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