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A Brief History of Occupational Therapy

Even though occupational therapy is a relatively new profession compared to other medical fields, the history of occupational therapy has a rich backstory. Knowing the history of any profession can help you see the possible futures for the career as well. As we look over the steps that it took for occupational therapy to get […]

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goal writing tips adults older adults

OT Goal Writing Tips for Adults & Older Adults

Goal writing is tough. Goal writing correctly and effectively can be even tougher. Especially when you’re a student or new grad occupational therapist.  This article will help simplify the goal writing process for the adult and older adult settings, such as inpatient rehab, subacute rehab, home health, and acute care. These tips will hopefully make […]

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Crafting the Perfect Occupational Therapy Resume

Now that you’ve finished up your schooling and fieldwork, you’re ready to start the job search process. Once you find your ideal job, though, you don’t have a chance of getting it without an official occupational therapy resume that makes you stand out. With many applicants fighting over one position, you need to do everything […]

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strategies for evidence based occupational therapy

5 Strategies to be an Evidence-Based OT Practitioner

If your OT school was anything like mine, the importance of occupation-based and evidence-based practice was drilled into your head on a near-daily basis. While a variety of interventions were discussed, ones that had hard data to support their efficacy were exalted, whereas other, older interventions may have fallen out of favor. So when I […]

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pros and cons of being a COTA

What are the Pros and Cons of Being a COTA?

After searching and investigating professions, you settle on the wonderful field of Occupational Therapy. You’ve seen how much good can truly be accomplished through the occupational therapy process. As you’re looking, you no doubt automatically gravitate towards working in one specific setting or another. Maybe you received occupational therapy when you were a child and […]

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