Tips to get your OT observation hours

7 Tips to Get Your Occupational Therapy Observation Hours

If you’re interested in becoming an OT, you’ve probably already heard all about how challenging the coursework is for occupational therapy graduate programs (for both OT Master’s and Doctorates). The process of applying to occupational therapy school can be just as challenging, but in a different way, especially when you’re trying to obtain enough occupational […]

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pros and cons of being a COTA

What are the Pros and Cons of Being a COTA?

After searching and investigating professions, perhaps you’ve settled on the wonderful field of occupational therapy. You’ve seen how much good can truly be accomplished through the occupational therapy process. As you’re looking, you no doubt automatically gravitate towards working in one specific OT setting or another. Maybe you received occupational therapy when you were a […]

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ot school interview prep3

OT School Interview Questions & Prep Tips

In case you aren’t already aware, occupational therapy graduate programs are getting more and more competitive each year. Most OT programs will get hundreds of first-round applicants, with only ~30-50 spots available. And according to Indiana University’s Health Professions and Prelaw Center, most healthcare graduate programs will interview 2-3 times the number of open spaces […]

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