My OT Spot has a great foundation of articles built, and there is a huge demand for this OT content. I love the process of writing new articles, sharing them with you all, and seeing the positive responses of how helpful it is. I want to continue to create for My OT Spot for as long as I can.

But, running a site is expensive and we want this to last long term. We have put a great deal of money into the site already in terms of paying for web hosting, site development, images for articles, plugins, email services, etc. If the site is going to last for a long time, it has to be able to support itself financially.

The most important aspect of making My OT Spot sustainable long-term will be in the form of donations.

Anything from $1 up is a huge help to the OT cause. The more I can focus on the site, the better the content will become and the more I will be able to help YOU achieve your goals as an OT. This is my true passion, and it’s what I love to do.

Visit the My OT Spot Patreon page by clicking the link above/below.

I’m so lucky to have a community of people that find this site useful. I look forward to taking My OT Spot to new heights in the coming months and years.