MedBridge Education Subscription


MedBridge is a leading online continuing education, patient engagement, and reporting solution for healthcare professionals. MedBridge drives better patient care while helping millions of patients and thousands of clinicians and organizations to improve clinical and financial performance.



MedBridge provides the tools you need to advance your career, achieve clinical excellence, and improve the lives of your patients in one annual subscription.

MedBridge tries to address all settings that OTs work in, from SNF to schools.

Specific settings include:

  • Hospital – Inpatient
  • Hospital – Outpatient
  • Private Practice – Outpatient
  • Home Health
  • Skilled Nursing Facility & Long-Term Care
  • School-based

MedBridge works with the industry-leading instructors in each specific field, specialization or setting. They also work with all instructors to ensure the curriculum is evidence-based, but at the same time provides practical strategies that clinicians can leverage immediately.

And what’s great too, the OT courses are approved by the AOTA as soon as they launch. The site features a CE checker for each course, so you can verify the hours and approval status for your specific region.

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