The Note Ninjas: Balance Treatment Guide


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Balance is a vital skill required for PT and OT specific goals. Patients need good balance for ambulation and transfers as well as dressing, toileting, and bathing.

The Note Ninjas Balance Guide takes all of the stress out of planning your treatment program and then documenting it!

This guide helps you feel more confident in your treatment sessions and have the resources you need to justify your skilled services.

In this guide you will find a long list of balance activities with ways to progress, downgrade and document them.

And yes it is for OTs and PTs! It even provides examples of how the activities can relate to goals for both OT and PT.

One of the best things about it is that it’s all through a Google Doc which can be accessed through your desktop or phone. You have the option to print it out or simply bookmark it for easy access.

The Balance Guide is also continually updated.

Get your guide now so you can begin providing exceptional skilled care for your patients!


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