Why MedBridge Is The Best Continuing Education Investment You Can Make

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You will only pay $225 for 12 months of unlimited access to all of the CEU courses (whoo-hoo for unlimited CEUs!) as well as the clinician mobile app and live webinars to count towards live credit. This is the subscription that I personally use to get my continuing education requirements in.

To also access the Home Exercise Builder and Patient Education Portal, you can upgrade to the Premium Plan for $275 a year (normally $425).

Disclosure: I have been personally been using MedBridge for years and am now an affiliate, meaning I may receive a commission from links and promo codes on this page, at no additional cost to you. All proceeds go directly back into My OT Spot’s operating costs. 


To understand what MedBridge is and why it’s the best continuing education investment you can make as an OT, you have to start with the big picture.

Since finishing my OT degree and working in various adult rehab settings, I’ve realized that what I learned in OT school was just the tip of the iceberg.

Anyone who is out of school will agree that completing your OT degree is not the end-all, be-all to your occupational therapy education.

There is SO much more you learn after school that allows you to grow and gain a fuller understanding of occupational therapy and what it means to really be a competent, professional practitioner.

On-the-job training is one of the best ways to build your skill set and knowledge base. That’s if you’re lucky enough to work in an environment that fosters mentoring.

But, not everyone gets the chance to work in such a nurturing workplace. This is why self-study is such an important part of life after OT school.

A major part of the knowledge you will gain as an occupational therapist will come from you personally seeking it out on your own. This means finding and taking in whatever books, blogs, websites, and videos you can get your hands on.

Since graduating, I’ve spent countless hours researching the best resources available to OTs.

I’ve found there are only a handful of resources in the form of books and sites that I have loved enough to recommend to my friends, coworkers, and readers.

That being said, MedBridge is by far one of the best resources out there that you can rely on as an OT (or PT, or SLP!).

For the past six years, I have used MedBridge not only to keep expanding my knowledge since finishing OT school and fieldwork, but also for my continuing education requirements.

Since I recommend it so often to my therapist friends and coworkers, I decided to reach out to MedBridge myself to write about them and offer My OT Spot readers a discount code for subscribing!

Use the Promo Code MYOTSPOT to get $150 OFF your annual MedBridge subscription!

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I also got the chance to ask them a few questions to help you decide if MedBridge Continuing Education is a good fit for your CEU needs. (The questions in bold are from me, and the answers are from the friendly team at MedBridge!)

How would you describe MedBridge to a new therapist who hasn’t heard of it?

MedBridge is a leading online continuing education, patient engagement, and reporting solution for healthcare professionals. MedBridge drives better patient care while helping millions of patients and thousands of clinicians and organizations to improve clinical and financial performance.

How does MedBridge help therapists?

We provide the tools you need to advance your career, achieve clinical excellence, and improve the lives of your patients in one annual subscription.

What Occupational Therapy settings are covered in MedBridge courses?

MedBridge tries to address all settings that OT work in, from SNF to schools. 

Specific settings include:

  • Hospital – Inpatient
  • Hospital – Outpatient
  • Private Practice – Outpatient
  • Home Health
  • Skilled Nursing Facility & Long-Term Care
  • School-based 

Are there any interactive elements in MedBridge?

MedBridge is focused on creating courses that are visually stimulating and interactive. All courses are video-based and we incorporate high-quality animations and 3D Models to help illustrate concepts. Within courses there are opportunities to engage with: 

  • Case-based Learning Assessments with each course
  • Ask the Instructor feature
  • Downloadable Handouts
  • Practice Session Recommendations

We also have ongoing Live Webinars that allow users to directly interact with the instructor in real-time. These are hosted on a regular basis and typically last around 3 hours. If your state requires live education hours, Live Webinars can help you meet these requirements.

How does the Patient Home Exercise Builder work in the Premium Plan?

You can create an exercise program by choosing from almost 7,000 video exercises or choose from a library of pre-made templates. You can also save your programs as templates for future use. You can then text, email or print the exercise program for your patients. The builder includes a HIPAA-compliant online patient portal and customizable handouts. 

Make sure to also check out our patient education library that includes over 250 pieces including videos on one-handed ADLs, transfers, body mechanics, and energy conservation techniques. 

Is MedBridge a good option for students too?

Yes, MedBridge is a great option for students looking to dive deeper into a specific specialty within Occupational Therapy as they progress towards graduation. Also, it can also be a great tool as you are out at clinical rotations to help prepare and impress your mentors.

Students can sign up for a discounted rate of $100 for the year with the promo code MYOTSPOTSTUDENT. You won’t receive CEU’s for licensure but you will still have full access to all of MedBridge’s educational resources (courses, patient education, etc.)!

How much content is available and how often is new material created?

1,400+ AOTA courses, with 15+ new OT courses added per month

7,000+ HEP exercises including aquatics, pediatrics, geriatrics, hand, ADLs, etc. (Available in the upgraded subscription price)

Patient Education library on topics like Fall Prevention, Functional Activities, Transfers, Energy Conservation, and One-Handed ADLs

Live Webinars to help you stay up-to-date with industry trends and the latest evidence-based practice

Can you tell us about the instructors that teach the courses?

We work with the industry-leading instructors in each specific field, specialization or setting. MedBridge works with all instructors to ensure the curriculum is evidence-based, but at the same time provides practical strategies that clinicians can leverage immediately.

What are some Occupational Therapy courses that you are excited about?

Over 200 pediatric courses taught by OT instructors including Susan Spitzer, Heather Kuhaneck, and Michelle Suarez.

Over 100 courses in our Hand Therapy library with instructors such as Ann Porretto-Loehrke, Jeanine Beasely, and Virginia O’Brien.

We have 15 courses on dementia taught by one of our top OT instructors, Teepa Snow.

Does the coursework count towards Continuing Education requirements?

Yes, our OT courses are approved by the AOTA as soon as they launch. The site features a CE checker for each course, so you can verify the hours and approval status for your specific region. 

What is one thing about MedBridge that most people might not know?

MedBridge has always been known for our Continuing Education but something people may not know is that over the past few years we have developed and continue to expand our Patient Engagement offering for clinicians and organizations. We have: 

  • Home Exercise Program (7,000+ video exercises)
  • Patient Education (250+ videos and handouts)
  • Patient Portal
  • Mobile Patient App
  • Clinician Mobile App
  • Live Webinars
  • MedBridge Certificates
  • Compliance Training
  • Certification Prep Programs
  • Microlearning

How much does it cost to subscribe, and what is included in the yearly subscription?

A yearly subscription is normally $375 but with the MYOTSPOT promo code, you will only pay $225 for 12-months of unlimited access to the continuing education courses and live webinar portion of the site. For the Premium Plan, you can upgrade to $275 a year to also access the HEP builder and Patient Education portal.

Use the Promo Code MYOTSPOT to get $150 OFF your annual MedBridge subscription!

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