How to Deal with Burnout as an Occupational Therapist

If you’ve landed on this article, you may have Googled something along the lines of “Occupational therapist Burnout,” or “Occupational therapy burnout.” If this is the case, you’re probably feeling the “burn” of the stressful demands of our career field as well as the healthcare system in general. You aren’t alone: burnout in the occupational […]

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occupational therapists role in toileting

Occupational Therapists’ Vital Role in Toileting

Everyone knows that occupational therapists assist with improving independence in activities of daily living (ADLs), but not everyone understands the large role that occupational therapists have in toileting. I remember when I was first qualified, I knew that toileting was within the scope of occupational therapy, but incorrectly believed that it wasn’t as important as […]

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must know occupational therapy medical abbreviations

Must-Know Occupational Therapy Medical Abbreviations

The medical field is well-known for its lingo. It’s often said that patients’ chart notes look something like alphabet soup, even to those who are familiar with such terminology. It can make things even more difficult when occupational therapy medical abbreviations (and medical abbreviations in general!) enter the mix. We learn a whole laundry list […]

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occupational therapy burns

Occupational Therapy’s Role Working with the Burn Patient Population

Depending on the severity of the case, burns can be the root of all-encompassing disruption in a person’s life. We’re talking about physical, emotional, and psychological trauma that can last a person’s lifetime. Burns can also exacerbate other comorbidities that patients may have been living with prior to their newly acquired injuries. Burn injuries can […]

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