Graduation time is upon us for soon-to-be OTs and OTAs!

If you’re graduating, you might be thinking about gift ideas to give to your family and friends! If you have a friend, family member, or sibling that’s graduating, these ideas will be for you too!

This list has some of the best graduation gift ideas for the new occupational therapist out there.

Being a new occupational therapy graduate means lots of continued learning, studying for the boards, and a big need for resources when fresh out in the field.

That’s why my list emphasizes a lot on practical gifts, along with a few fun ones mixed in.

1. A Subscription to MedBridge Continuing Education

After graduation and when I began working, I struggled not having a mentor to learn from. Because of this, I started getting my continuing education courses done right away to continue my learning process.

I wanted an easy, online way to continue gaining knowledge on treatment strategies, diagnoses, interventions and assessments without having to dig into old textbooks.

Use the Promo Code MYOTSPOT to get $225 OFF your annual Medbridge subscription!

Sign Me Up!

I was recommended MedBridge by quite a few OTs as a platform to keep up my learning, and I now highly recommend it as a must-have for new graduates.

A one year subscription is typically $425, but with the code MYOTSPOT you can get your new grad a full year for $200. It’s worth every penny for the amount of content that’s available to for almost all settings.

Check out my full review of MedBridge and why it’s awesome.

2. Occupational Therapy Toolkit

The Occupational Therapy Toolkit is always on my lists for “must-haves” for occupational therapists.

This is because it covers just about everything that an OT or COTA working with adults will need on the fly while on the job.

The OT Toolkit covers all of the general conditions along with ADLs/IADLs sections. This includes every ADL you can think of, from dressing and bathing techniques to managing finances and handwriting.

The toolkit also contains 283 full-page patient education handouts that are written specifically for patients and caregivers that include simple instructions and illustrations, which is crucial for OTs to have on hand.

For more information, check out my full review about The World’s Greatest Textbook for Occupational Therapy.

3. A Subscription to AOTA’s NBCOT Exam Prep

Studying for the NBCOT might be more stressful than OT school itself. At least that’s how I remember it!

Having the most recommended study materials will help greatly decrease stress and increase the odds of passing the NBCOT.

AOTA’s Exam Prep was one of my two favorite resources for studying. It not only had online study guides covering all of the main topics (pediatrics, neuro, mental health, hands, driving, burns, work/ergonomics, etc.) but also unlimited practice tests. The practice tests can be taken any time and show rationales for each question.

Another cool thing about this study guide is that it allows the user to track their progress to help figure out their weakest and strongest subject areas.

4. Therapy Ed’s National OT Certification Exam: Review & Study Guide

The second of my two most-recommended NBCOT study aids, the TherapyEd study guide is another great gift idea for occupational therapists right after graduation. The study guide is the most recommended in schools and for good reason. It’s the most in-depth study guide I’ve found, and users of this study guide have great passing results.

The topics are all extremely detailed, and once finishing the book one time through, users have three full practice exams to take to get a feel for what areas they’re struggling in.

I should note that the practice exams with this are harder than the actual NBCOT, but this helps the test-taker become that much more prepared.

5. Medical Reference Foldable Clipboard

There are tons of great therapy-centered clipboards out there, with reference labels making it quick and easy to access important medical information.

While this particular clipboard says “Physical Therapist,” it’s a great resource for occupational therapists as well. It includes important information for the adult hospital setting, including ROM/MMT, lab values, dermatomes, neuro information and more.

It also folds in half to hide confidential patient information and fits great in scrub pockets.

6. Occupational Therapy Swag

Every new OT needs a good OT shirt to represent the profession. My OT Spot teamed up with Madison Sternig Art to create two new designs to rep the profession. Get the T-shirts on Amazon! When purchased through Red Bubble, you can not only get a shirt but also pillows, mugs, tote bags and phone cases to stock up for your favorite new grad 🙂

7. A Gait Belt

Gait belts can be very hard to come by when out in the field, so it’s always a great idea to add this gift in as well. This gait belt is my favorite as it’s super easy to wipe down with sani-wipes between each patient.


What was your favorite graduation gift after OT school? What would you add to the list? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below!


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