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10 Occupational Therapy Scholarships to Help Pay for Grad School

Finding occupational therapy scholarships for graduate school isn’t always as easy as finding undergraduate scholarships – whether you’re applying to a Master’s or a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy. In general, most graduate programs don’t offer “full rides” or 100% paid tuition, but thankfully there are still scholarship options out there for you. Some of the […]

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What is the PEOP Model? Person-Environment-Occupation Performance

The Person-Environment-Occupation Performance (PEOP) model is an important framework used in occupational therapy to guide therapists’ assessment, intervention, and evaluation of client-centered care. It was first developed in 1985 (and last revised in 2015) by Carolyn Baum and Charles Christiansen during the time when the biomedical model was widely used in Western medicine. The biomedical […]

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