OT home safety tips and assessment

Occupational Therapy Home Safety Tips and Assessment

Are you an occupational therapy student or new adult-based OT looking for the most useful occupational therapy home safety tips and/or home assessment information? We’ve created this handy guide just for you to help you educate and keep your patients/clients safe at home. Occupational therapists are often considered the “go-to” professionals when it comes to […]

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occupational therapists role in toileting

Occupational Therapists’ Vital Role in Toileting

Everyone knows that occupational therapists assist with improving independence in activities of daily living (ADLs), but not everyone understands the large role that occupational therapists have in toileting. I remember when I was first qualified, I knew that toileting was within the scope of occupational therapy, but incorrectly believed that it wasn’t as important as […]

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Occupational Therapy MET Levels

How to Master MET Levels in Cardiac Rehab

Wondering why it is important for occupational therapists to know MET levels, or what they even are? Or perhaps you know how important MET levels are, but you don’t feel certain of how to incorporate using them in your occupational therapy sessions.  It can be extremely intimidating going to see a patient post cardiac-related disorder […]

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Adaptive equipment for eating

The Top Types of Adaptive Equipment for Eating

Occupational therapists are often known as the go-to experts when it comes to helping our patients be as independent as possible with their activities of daily living. Recommending adaptive equipment for eating/self-feeding is one way to promote more independence in one of life’s most important occupations. Many of us have worked with patients with new […]

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